Today I want to reflect a bit on my gradschool budget. I got a stipend of about $2350 each month. We split our bills 50/50 in gradschool, and we each had our own spending categories. Below was my average monthly budget, including my half of the bills. Monthly bills Rent – $567 (1 bedroom, 1 bathroom apartment) Water, sewage, trash – $30 Electricity, gas – $45.50 (on a budget billing plan) Cellphones – $15 (Mint Mobile was really cheap!) Internet – $46 Netflix -$5 Groceries – $225 Food – $60 (we cooked a lot at home) Fuel – $40 (this includes a few pandemic months with less driving) Household stuff – $37.50 (too much TJ Maxx) Oskar – $140 (includes vet bills, pet insurance, food from Chewy, sweaters for Michigan weather) Amazon prime – $2.60 (we were on the Student Prime plan) Costco membership – $2.50 My own expenses This

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