We used YNAB for years, but the current subscription price increased to $99 a year. So we canceled that after I found a new budgeting software called Buckets. It costs $45 total, with no subscription, and has similar features to YNAB except for syncing with bank accounts and credit cards. Philosophy There’s a pretty good guide on their website. You add all your accounts that are part of your budget. I have all our checking and savings accounts, plus our credit cards. I also added our investments as “off-budget” accounts for tracking purposes. Once you’ve added the accounts, then you budget the available amount. Buckets calls the available cash “Rain”. Each line item is called a “Bucket”. So, you catch your rain in each bucket until the available rain is 0. Buckets uses the budget to zero philosophy. I have buckets for rent, utilities, groceries, food, etc. If I overspend

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